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I am generally referred to as Professor Bear ...
I help students in a variety of subject areas - in mathematics from the very young with a need to focus on basic and remedial skills - through highschool algebra and trigonometry - through university calculus and far beyond!
I also teach first and second-year physics

And finally I teach Computer Science and Software Engineering - as I am an expert in C language programming
I have worked with over 2,000 students here online over the years and I have impeccable credentials and testemonials
Please let me know whenever you run across any project where my technical experience might serve you in any way.
I work to support Graphic Designers
Helping to write a short clear spec up front
Helping to ask the right questions and offering new ideas and suggestions as the spec evolves
Helping to build the project - providing the functionality and behaviour and the technically difficult bits
Current technologies and processes
Phone Apps (iPhone and Android)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
CMS (Content Management Systems)
Responsive and adaptive controls and other phone friendly views
High speed databases and intelligent data processing
Technical areas might include
Advanced interfacing with a multitude of APIs like google maps
Custom building or interfacing with facebook/twitter apps
Custom flipbooks and other special animations
Advanced hovering effects
Custom image zoom and advanced image presentations
Behavioural animation effects
All vertical markets
Full business automation (internal and external)
Online ticketing and reservations
Real time auctions and bidding systems
Estate agents
Recruiting companies
Event management companies
Recent Projects

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