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- who I am

I work exclusively through Graphic Designers and Graphic Design Agencies to provide creatives with engineering excellence.

- what I do

Anything that you or your clients can imagine a computer doing, are things that your phone app or website can do for you.

I support my graphic design partners with direct engineering. I customize and integrate applications to bring you exactly what your clients require - every detail - without exception - no limits ever.

I help by providing a project estimate - usually within 24 hours.

Most projects start out with a simple discussion - and then I help with questions to gather the neccessary information to prepare a project bid. I do this to help and I never charge for it.

- how I work

I work together to understand the pages that will be required and then you provide the general design layout for these pages and the graphic art to support them - as simple or complex as you wish.

While you are creating and designing top-down I are building bottom up - making sure that every detail is included along the way.

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You can rest assured that my fees are likely to be within your budget.

- what I have done

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- get in touch

To discuss your client needs I can call you right now or you can contact me instead.

Recent Projects

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