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I help initially by providing a project estimate - usually within 24 hours.

Many projects start out in just a discussion phase and I will help with questions to gather the neccessary information to prepare a project bid. I do this to help and I never charge for it.

Nearly everything that you see on the internet today is quite easy to do.

I work with you to create the full list of details required ...
So that you know in advance how long it will take and how much it will cost.

After completing nearly 500 projects with graphic designers like yourself ...
I know how to make sure that the right things are included to fit within your budget.

But even before all of the functionality is determined I am happy to let you know my thoughts on what I think the final cost is likely to be.

I make estimates every day and I am happy to help you with yours in any way.

To start - just let me know what you know about a project ...
And I will create an estimate for you and help you move the project through the next few steps.

What you can expect

My pricing includes the development, construction, integration, completion, testing, installation and delivery of the phone app or website. Basically it includes everything except the graphic art - which you send me along with any page templates that I am to follow.

Example One

If by chance the project will be a simple phone app (and you will see below that simple in some cases is really not so simple after all) then here are a few questions to ask your client as you discuss the project with them in the early phases.
  • How many pages are there going to be and what will they do ?
  • Will the owner need to be able to edit these pages - and in what way ?
  • What gestures will be supported (gestures are all of the special touch-screen effects such as scrolling and pinching and clicking) ?
  • Will the phone app need to be supported on both Android and Iphones (this nearly doubles the project time) ?
  • If owner editability is required - is it acceptable that the editability is via a website application ?
Example Two

If by chance the project will be a simple product website (and you will see below that simple in some cases is really not so simple after all) then here are a few questions to ask your client as you discuss the project with them in the early phases.
  • Are there categories (and subcategories) for the products ?
  • Will the owner need to be able to edit these categories and subcategories ?
  • Will the categories or subcategories require images as well ?
  • Will the home page nav bar need to change as new categories are added ?
  • Do the products come in sizes, colours, models, styles ?
  • Does the owner need to be able to edit these lists as well ?
  • Does the owner need to be able to indicate which combinations are available and in stock ?
  • Are the sizes, colours, models, styles consistent across all products (for example if the website will sell clothing - different size lists are used for jeans and shoes, or for rings and bracelets) ?
  • Are there products that the owner would like to mark as "Special" or "New" and have them automatically appear on the home page ?
  • Will the owner be using the site to manage their inventory levels so that products are not displayed when the last is sold online ?
  • Does an email to the owner detailing the purchase suffice or does the owner wish to see which items have been shipped and which have not, all items sold in January etc. ?
  • Are there special sales promotions that the owner would like to be able to configure (free shipping over certain levels, 3-for-2 offers, etc. )
  • How are shipping costs to be calculated?
  • Are there recommended "associated" products that the site shows when someone adds an item to their list to purchase ?
Why Tutoring is Important - the Benefits of Online Tutoring

One challenge within education is ensuring that all students receive quality instruction. It can be difficult to ensure that every student in the classroom is maximizing his or her potential. Enter tutoring. Since the beginning of organized education, tutoring has been an integral piece of the puzzle for students from children to university level students. With the advent of the internet, we have entered an exciting, increasingly accessible realm. Online tutoring provides many benefits to students, parents, and schools. In these increasingly busy times, the flexibility and ease of access to online tutoring are invaluable. These advantages, combined with expert differentiation and instruction, can make a significant impact on a student's academic future. Discover how online tutoring can benefit you.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Just like traditional tutoring, online tutoring provides supplemental academic help outside of regular school hours. I am a professional tutor, I work with you, helping with questions that you may have, assisting with homework or labs, and helping you review and prepare for exams. The difference is that online tutoring occurs over the internet, in a virtual environment.

Besides offering the benefit of enhancing student learning and knowledge retention, the value of online tutoring is its flexibility of scheduling. With traditional tutoring, most windows of opportunity are within a couple of hours after school ended. Tutors need to drive to an agreed-upon location, set up their materials, and begin tutoring the student. Now, however, services start as soon as tutors and students set up a virtual connection online.

Online tutoring is effective, convenient, and can be personalized to any student, regardless of learning needs. Whether your student is in a gifted program and wants to ensure a perfect GPA or is struggling to retain information due to a specific learning disability, I can help with the solution you need.

Why Tutoring is Important

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