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This page is completely automated. It reads directly from my current internal project management pages and automatically repopulates and maintains the content of this page.

It automatically displays my current (in progress) projects as well as a large number of my most recently completed projects.

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Recent Projects

RealTime API Synchronization and Call/Chat API

This is a quite sophisticated Real-Time Data Synchronization project interfacing with an external API for real-time status. It provides a call/chat interface where calls and chats are charged by the minute - again - in real time. It is also very editable for their admin and is well designed for SEO.


Complete CMS - A better approach

This is a classic example of how we do CMS websites. No third party software (like wordpress or joomla) is used. Admin can easily create their own pages to any level of depth. Pages automatically appear in the navigation even to multiple levels. We use a section-based approach which uses building-blocks. This is a much more organized method than simply throwing a WYSIWYG editor at your client which has been shown to be just too unstructured and disorganized for normal users. Look through a few pages to see what is possible here !


CP Creative Property Marketing

This project fully automates a property marketing office - allowing a large staff to be completely scheduled and coordinated via the website. All project management functions from photography and floorplans to invoicing are automated and clients can review status and download the works in progress as they progress. This project has been enormously successful. More and more businesses are automating their companies in this way.


US Online Gun Shop

This project starts as a serious product/ecommerce application - but has a large number of built in special processing features. It turns out that there is an extensive approval process involving among many other things interfacing with over 75000 FFL (licensed suppliers around the US). They do sell other things (t-shirts and clothing) besides firearms as well. And as always - there are extensive yet simple controls to manage a diverse set of different shipping strategies and discounts etc.


Where 2 Let

This is a very large Property Management website (the brief was over 100 pages long) with extremely feature-rich functionality. Included is nearly everything from hundreds of bar-graphs showing detailed demographics and statistics to sophisticated affilate programs supporting multiple levels of landlords and agents.


External API Advanced Product Ecommerce

This is a highly sophisticated API-driven product ecommerce website with massive numbers of controls affecting price lists, product lists, customer lists, company hierarchies, and corporate wholesale account management. These are expensive products and are widely provided to the hospital industry.

(URL Transfer Pending)

Public Speaker Booking System

This is an online Speaker Booking System where speakers from all over the country can register and fill out a detailed profile of themselves and the subjects that they will speak upon. Visitors can search through the speakers and topics with quite a number of search criteria and book them online.


Moodie Me Community Project

This project consists of a comprehensive website, phone app, facebook app and twitter app all using extensive shared data. Friends can share their moods and other information with each other and around the world. The project is due to go live next month.


mapalim children playschemes

This is an extensive (100+ pages) online booking system for a childrens play provider with hundreds of classes attended by thousands of children throughout London. This website completely automates all of the registration and booking processes as well as the internal staff management, record keeping and reporting requirements. Parents can mix and match the activities for their children each day online and interact with staff and other parents online and in realtime.


Web In A Jar

This is a website template system where visitors can develop their own website using one of the available templates. Visitors can play around with it online for free until they feel comfortable with the environment. When satisfied thay can pay a small fee and their website is then live. Please note that it is not yet live. It is nearly complete but it is still changing and the client has only uploaded a few test templates.


Advanced Ecommerce Website

This is an ecommerce website with tremendous admin flexibitly - with unlimited product categories and sophisticated management functionality making it easy to handle special shipping considerations when multiple products are ordered and much much more!

(URL Transfer Pending)


This is an excellent example of a very large-volume ticketing website clearing hudreds of purchases online every day. All venues, seating plans and events are easily managed by the owners. Pricing is quite sophisticated and changes automatically in tiers and by dates and availability in the same manner that airline ticket prices change.


Magazine Subscription Website

This is an example of a very simply editable and manageable magazine subscription website - completely automating their internal ezine subscription and distribution processes.


Rubber Online Commercial

This is a good example of a commercial ecommerce website supporting wholesale and retail purchasing. Inventory levels and products can be managed either through spreadsheet uploading and downloading or manually.


Online Sales - Cosmetics

This is a popular and successful website that is highly configurable and supports all sorts of editability and control and inventory management.


iPod Community Website

This is an excellent example of an extensive and "fun" Community Website. It has highly editable content including everything from news, games, forums, tutorials, directories, and faqs.


Villa Renaissance

This is a fully confugurable and automated holiday booking facility and another example of a website fully and simply editable by the owner


Editable Products and SEO

This is an example of a website using mod_rewrite to make all dynamic pages appear as static pages to the search engines. It also supports owner-editable metatags, a dynamic sitemap, dynamic content and of course everything you would expect from a completely editable product line from automatic categories that can be edited and appear in the nav bar with new colours to an owner-operable shipping and tracking system managing large product sales volumes.


Example of Multiple URLs to one website

This is an example of using two URLs to go to the same website and have them look different. Clicking on the "Kids on Earth" link goes to the alternate website (or you can enter www.kidsonearth.co.uk directly). Please note that the second website has been started but is not yet complete.


A colourful and fun website

A colourful and fun website - that is easily editable by admin with a large amount of functionality.


Specialized Technical Recruiting

Technical Recruiting presented in an excellent website. Easy to use and powerful in functionality. The owners find it very easy to manage. An outstanding website!


Multi-Language Website

This is an example of a simple multi-language website. Any number of languages can be easily added. The owner can see all text - with english and the selected language equivalent side-by-side. This allows an owner to subcontract translation to multiple parties depending upon the language. They simply log in and can see their english/non-english equivalents to type in - and it is updated immediately. It has the side-effect bonus of all english content being editable as well. This includes not just product and nav bar text but everything from alt-tags to meta-tags as well.


dvd Auction Website

This is an online real-time auction website for exchanging DVDs. Register the DVDs that you no longer want and exchange them for thousands of alternate titles in an auction environment. Swap proposals go out to hundreds of members offering the title that you are looking for and the member quickest to reply gets to trade.

(URL Transfer Pending)

Graphic Design Studio

This is a prestigious London graphic design firm. Their website is fully editable and receives a very high traffic every day.


A great ecommerce website

This is a great ecommerce website with highly editable pages and ceramics products


Cms Website - Section Based

This is another example of a very easily editable section-based cms project. The owner can easily edit all of the pages which are automatically added to the pulldown menus. The cycling image display can be easily changed by the owner by uploading additional images.

(Url Transfer Pending)

omnicause - online donations

This website allows charities and people raising money for special causes to create their own charity accounts - and receive donations online. A very interesting idea !

(Under construction Now)

entertainment recruiting

This website completely automates a recruiting company in the entertainment industry. Companies, jobs and applicants are all managed easily and effectively and all matching is automated. Automated SMS texting is used to provide communication between a large number of companies and a very large number of agents and prospective candidates.


Shalina Health Care

This is the market leader in making quality healthcare and consumer products affordable and available across Sub-Saharan Africa. The website is highly editable and simple to manage.


Excellent CMS Website

This is an excellent example of a CMS website that is simply and easily and highly editable by the owners.


reed & co

This website required many automated background functions and bidirectional searching: customers can search properties based upon what they are looking for but also the estate agent can search customers for qualified buyers and renters interested in specific geographical regions. The site supports what is becoming more and more common: dual SMS-text and Email notification systems.

(URL Transfer Pending)

online therapy

This website is an online booking (and live session) system for a psychotherapy group. Payments are made online in advance and individual calendars and various skillsets and areas of expertise are managed and visitors can book appointments online. The sessions themselves are conducted via online chat. They also sell products on this website.

(URL Transfer Pending)

Educational Registration Site

This is a website for the Educational Trust and is an example of a very editable project with extensive form capabilities.


Group Holiday Booking Website

This website allows properties to be easily managed and edited by the owners. They can easily create new pages, links, reference, features and more. There are many other features fro editable bulk-emails to admin reports showing which properties were viewed.


Product Ecommerce - Large Book Store

This is an example of a massive product website. 75,000+ products are managed here and can be easily uploaded (and downloaded) via spreadsheets. This website also offers a fully automated and accounted affiliate scheme with all website activity (and accounting) tracked by affiliate upon visitor entry.

(Under Construction Now)

Pq Jobs Recruiting

This is a fully automated job recruiting service and another example of a website fully and simply editable by the owner


Product Ecommerce - Clothing

Clothing websites need a great deal of flexibility when managing different size and colour and other attribute lists. This website manages inventory completely - even generating purchase order lists and forecasting based on previous sales patterns so that management can order the right combinations of products for the future. This website has become very successful due to the many techiques used to increase page indexing with search engines. Many link and site-map pages are present to increase to create both listing breadth and depth. This list goes on - but the result is a website with hundreds of listings in each search engine.


Care Forum Wales

This is another example of a completely editable website. Our content-managed websites are simply the best. Simple to use - and structured as well. We never throw some WYSIWYG editor out there and think that this is a solution !


Hallmark Healthcare

This is an example of a simple organizational website. Visitors can search for healthcare providers and the owners can easily edit the providers that are included. Very simple indeed !


Private - Community Website

This website belongs to the senior olympic equestrian judge. It demonstrates an extremely editable and easy-to-manage website with many integrated functions.


Simply editable property website

This website is streamlined to allow the owner quick access to editing all content and all properties.


Clarity in Business

This is another example of a website fully and simply editable by the owner


Mobile Booster

This is a product/ecommerce website selling mobile phones and supplies. It is heavily editable with product categories and sophisticated searching. It also manages inventory levels for the owner.

(Under Construction Now)

Event Booking and Payment Online

This is a good example of a simple event booking system. Events can be edited and bookings controlled by headcount and in other ways as well. Then there are 360-degree views, audio clips for each page and much much more.


Restaurants and Pubs

This is a good example of a website where the owner required clients (restaurants and pubs) to be able to manage their accounts, select their characteristic for searching and matching, and pay online for their ads. The website also supports an extensive list of additional functionality from a completely automated promotional code system to online training courses.

(Url Transfer Pending)

Community and Network Website

This is a typical ecommerce website with community aspects


Online Boooking for Seminars

This website implements an online event booking system with searchable account histories. It manages and tracks headcounts and allows quite a few special requests - checkboxes for dinners and hotel accommodations etc.


Florida Villas

This Website is a Good Example of an Online Booking System, Owners of Villas can select when their Villa is Available and Visitors can Only Search and Book on those Dates. Villa Owners have their own Level of Access so that they can Change the Details of the Villa, Available Dates, Features and Description about the Property etc. Visitors can select the Currency they wish to Pay in, Search the Large Database of Villas by Date, Features, Price, and Number of Bedrooms etc. Admin Can Create New Owners of the Website once they have paid they will enable the Properties.


Sound Art Uk

This website is a great example of how you can create an online accounts system - Multi level access, customers, suppliers, admin and super admin. Visitors can search for the nearest stockist. Stockist can place an order for the items. Admin can keep a permanent record of all orders. Super admin can keep all stockists up to date with latest information via the partner area of the website

(URL Transfer Pending)

An Interesting Idea

A completely content managed application that allows restaurants and caterers to create and edit menus and to print them locally - multi-paged and double-sided


I Love Flooring - eCommerce

This is an example of a richly editable website with different classes, categories, and subcategories of products each with different characteristics. There are also siginficant inter-product links and dependencies. This is a website that is currently being built - so please forgive the large upper right blue area - it will be a flash section soon.

(Under Construction Now)

Anthonys Pharmacy

This is a good example of a heavily content-managed website. The owner can change the content on all pages, and add new pages as well.

(Under Construction Now)

Holiday Property Rentals

This is another example of a Holiday Property Rental website where the owner can configure properties - in this case from around th world. The owner can configure Countries, Regions and Cities and upload maps at each level.

(Under Construction Now)

Green Carpet

This Website has a Complex Content Managed System containing thousands of Plant/Tree Names; Each Tree has a Definition searchable by Users Looking for the Perfect Gift. Admin has the Option to Enable and Disable products. Shipping Price for each Product is controlled by Admin, View Full Order History Search Day/Month/Year, Address Book, Admin can also View which Occasions are the Most Popular Searched


Hotel Booking System

This website allows the owners to manage the rooms in their hotel as well as additional bookings uch as the banquet room and other facilities. The owner manages this website exactly as they wish and exactly as they have always done business.

(Under Construction Now)

Pearl and Gem Designs

This Website is a Great Example of Content managed Online Shop, Admin can Create/Modify and Delete all their Products and even selects which page the Product should be Displayed on. Admin can edit all Sizes and Order Options Available within the Admin menu (Easy to Navigate) This website has an E-mail Grabber allowing Admin to collect email addresses for Newsletters


Showroom 64

This website has a Landing Page where you can choose which website you would like to Visit, This is a Great Idea if you would like to Combine Websites, and this website has a US/CANADA Website, UK and International, so works really well. Admin has Basic ecommerce Functionality Create/Edit/Delete Products and a Members Page to View all Member Details.


love wishes

This website supports a very large community of members with a very large (more than 1,000,000 data records) database with more than 400 data fields per record. There are hundreds of pages and extensive backend functionality. It includes a highly sophisticated percentage-based pattern-matching search engine, and literally dozens of features and applications each equivalent to an entire website on their own. Yes internal messaging and discussion groups are nice, but check out the online Scrabble game! It also requires eCommerce support of course.



This Website Allows Admin to Create/Modify and Delete Jobs Admin Control the Fields that are required and selects the Fields that should be displayed on the Application forms. Each Question in the Application form is created by Admin Also Each Answer is created with a Point System so that Admin can View the High Scored Applications.

(Url Transfer Pending)


This website supports an extensive (and complex) level of mathematical functionality (yes using calculus) that integrates years of historic data while providing sophisticated lead analysis.


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