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This version of chat was designed to meet the two most important requirements of any chat application used in business environments.

First, and most importantly, it is a completely integrated solution and requires no installation or downloading on the client side. This is fundamentally important as the primary objection to the "nicer looking" chat environments is that they require something to be installed on the local computer. While the installation step is generally simple and occasionally automatic most businesses have firewalls to prevent this as it is the most common form of virus attack and so chat becomes non-viable in many circumstances.

Second, this configuration has no inherent or static appearance in its presentation. It is simply and completely integrated into the application itself so it looks just like the website in which it resides. The Ocean Lynx website is extremely simple in appearance but when this configuration is blended into other websites with different colours and effects it always looks like it belongs there completely and exactly - and that was the objective.

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