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More and more businesses are wanting additional functionality incorporated into their websites that help them automate their businesses further.

I recently finished a project where a small office manages a large number of external contractors that all needed to be scheduled for different tasks each day remotely.

Their office is completely automated now by their website. All scheduling and project management and staff management and client invoicing is managed entirely their website.

Nearly any industry can be automated significantly - and there is also the advantage that managers and staff can work from anywhere since it is all online.

This is perhaps best explained by way of some examples.

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies typically allow the editor to enter and manage companies (their clients) and their contact information and to enter jobs for each.

Often the inhouse staff follows company guidelines like contacting companies and candidates periodically. Websites already have so much data that it becomes ideal for the website to monitor and enforce call rates - perhaps preparing call lists for each employee each morning in ways to support the company goals.

Often the fees chargeable are dependent upon the jobs currently running and these can be invoiced (automatically by the website) or paid for online in a variety of ways perhaps as a automated monthly or annual charge based upon the number of jobs or possibly as subscription levels (e.g. gold, silver, bronze).

Job seekers typically come on line and register briefly (perhaps with just an email address and a password) and can then search for and apply to the jobs that they are interested in.

The recruiters often want to search in reverse - that is to find candidates that expressed interest in a certain type of position.

This can be automated so that when a new job is entered the website automatically emails (or sends sms texts) to applicable candidates.

The level of automation can increase even further and more and more businesses are wanting to take advantage of this.

Estate Agents

These are generally almost identical to recruiting agencies - where the companies are now property owners, the jobs are now properties and the job seekers are now prospective tenants and buyers.

It is often helpful to automate all of the matching and reporting and the sending of automated notices in the same manner as with recruiting agencies.

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