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Sms texting is being included in websites more and more these days.

Not only can websites send sms texts but they can receive them and do things with them as well such as updating local data or replying to the sender with more information.

A simple example of sending sms texts is my Call Me Now page. This sends me both an email and an sms text - so that if I am away from my office I can still reply by phone.

A more sophisticated example requiring both the sending and the receiving of sms texts are some of my recent estate agent projects. Consider an individual standing outside a property with a To Let (or For Sale) sign after business hours (which is when this often occurs). In my projects - each sign has a short property code that they can text in to the website - which replies with a text describing the property from the currently entered property data. Often this describes the number of bedrooms, and perhaps a rooftop terrace or back garden, the asking price and much more.

They can be interactive - so that there can be a menu at the bottom of the text where they can reply with 1 for more of one sort of additional information, or 2 for another etc.

The callers number is recorded of course and the next morning the estate agent can call them back with knowledge of the property that they were interested in - and discuss it further - perhaps suggesting other similar properties.

Sms texts can be used almost anywhere. I have one ecommerce website where the owner receives an sms text at the end of each day showing the total amount of the online purchases made that day.

Finally - Sms texts can be used to send micro payments to a website so that small purchases can be made when the visitor does not have a credit-card (payments are charged to their phone bill).

Why Tutoring is Important - the Benefits of Online Tutoring

One challenge within education is ensuring that all students receive quality instruction. It can be difficult to ensure that every student in the classroom is maximizing his or her potential. Enter tutoring. Since the beginning of organized education, tutoring has been an integral piece of the puzzle for students from children to university level students. With the advent of the internet, we have entered an exciting, increasingly accessible realm. Online tutoring provides many benefits to students, parents, and schools. In these increasingly busy times, the flexibility and ease of access to online tutoring are invaluable. These advantages, combined with expert differentiation and instruction, can make a significant impact on a student's academic future. Discover how online tutoring can benefit you.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Just like traditional tutoring, online tutoring provides supplemental academic help outside of regular school hours. I am a professional tutor, I work with you, helping with questions that you may have, assisting with homework or labs, and helping you review and prepare for exams. The difference is that online tutoring occurs over the internet, in a virtual environment.

Besides offering the benefit of enhancing student learning and knowledge retention, the value of online tutoring is its flexibility of scheduling. With traditional tutoring, most windows of opportunity are within a couple of hours after school ended. Tutors need to drive to an agreed-upon location, set up their materials, and begin tutoring the student. Now, however, services start as soon as tutors and students set up a virtual connection online.

Online tutoring is effective, convenient, and can be personalized to any student, regardless of learning needs. Whether your student is in a gifted program and wants to ensure a perfect GPA or is struggling to retain information due to a specific learning disability, I can help with the solution you need.

Why Tutoring is Important

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