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A great deal of mystique is associated with SEO and many people think of it as a magic or dark art. This is partly because of the great number of companies who offer SEO advice and attempt to portray it as a very complex process requiring advanced experience and skills.

Google publishes lists of things that website developers can do to improve their rankings and even offer free analysis and reports.

Sadly most of the SEO experts simply cut and paste the results from google and charge an exhorbitant fee for this.

I offer an intermediate level of SEO with all projects and I can extend this to include advanced SEO characteristics in generally a few additional hours.

I have built more than 500 websites through hundreds of designers and dozens of SEO experts. The SEO experts all disagree with each other about SEO - (often insisting that they are the true expert in their field and everyone else in their business is a fraud). Because I have worked with so many of them and heard all the stories - I have a unique and comprehensive insight into what is important and what is not.

Generally speaking the following are the most important contributors to SEO.

- Metatags / Unique Page Titles
 - title, description and keyword selection

- Matching Content
 - it is essential to work much of the metatag content into the visible text on each page to reinforce it for the search engines

- English Page Names
 - Some people think these are merely important for their visitors but actually the url path name to each page is heavily used by the SEO engines

- H1 and Alt Tags
 - H1-H5 tags can be used to tell the search engines when certain areas of text are especially important (H1 being highest)

- Include statements
 - By embedding javascript (which often appears at the top of the html content) and other common code in external files and including them with an include statement - the search engines see the general visible content closer to the top of the file - and this increases its indexability (and the pages load faster as well).

- Pay Per Click
- Ultimately (and sadly) this is used by all of the SEO experts that "guarantee" ranking positions. It means that they dont have to do a thing for you at all - and you basically buy the traffic by paying money each time someone visits your website. Every SEO expert that guarantees rankings uses this method. There is a lot more that I can explain about this - just give me a call sometime and I will be happy to explain how it all works.

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