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Image 1Phone Apps and Phone Views

A vast market is growing larger every day of people who experience the internet predominately through their smart phones.

There are two very different approaches that are being used to address this new market.

One approach is to develop what I call a "Phone Friendly View" (PFV). Most developers refer to this as a "Responsive Website".

Most developers simply use existing off-the-shelf conversion code to display the alternate version.

This works but generally results in a wrapped view that is difficult to use.

Instead I offer a hybrid solution where you control the graphic design. So you can decide to split up pages, add new pages, or move the content around - and have the pages behave differently. The phone view can even be a completely different design if you wish - and all using your common CMS data.

This approach allows people on smart phones to view your website in a way that looks like a true phone app.

The second approach is for me to develop a proper (native) phone app for you.

There may be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps your application requires geo-location feedback or perhaps you need advanced gestures (touch screen effects).

Native Phone Apps are generally more expensive than websites. In addition, usually two different versions are required - one for android phones (which have the largest market share) and another for iPhones. Finally - in most cases a website is also required anyway - to provide admin pages for editing the dynamic content that the phone app will use. The phone app then accesses information from the website so that what is presented is current (e.g. current products, pricing, news, events, etc).

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